Why I Buy Brands I Don't Like Over Brands I LOVE

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Do you ever find yourself buying things just because you have a coupon for it? I do it ALL the time but I bet the reason is completely different than you think. Most of the people I meet always say to me that they have a hard time couponing because they ONLY buy this product or this brand or this kind. That is your problem people! When you really need to coupon and save money, it doesn’t matter what you are buying as long as you are able to buy something. Half of the things I buy, I don’t even like!
  • Scott paper towels
  • Hefty Slider bags
  • Ajax dish soap
  • Finish dish detergent
  • Pantene shampoo
  • Lady Speed Stick deodorant
And, the list goes on and on. But, if you look at that list, I have some serious basic necessities. That is the key. If it is free, I am going to buy it (and use it) I don’t have the choice (or the money) to go buy Ziploc bags full price, or Cascade dishwashing pacs, or Secret Clinical deodorant and those items just don’t always go on sale or have the greatest coupons.  Plus, they come with a mighty price tag. I can’t afford to be picky. The manufacturers are aware that they are very popular items and will sell regardless of coupons or sales. Of course I would love to buy all of those items just because I want them and like them better. But, my wallet gives me a reality check. At the end of the day, my dishes are clean, my hair is washed, I can clean up my counters, I am able to pack up and freeze my stockpiled meats and I don’t smell like a gorilla. And, the most important part, I am able to stay home with my daughter. That is really all that matters. I gave up being brand specific in order to save my family money. In the process, I have found new brands that I love and would have never bought before, and I have found ones that I don’t like but their products get me through until I can buy something different with a new sale. When every dollar counts, I will stretch that dollar as far as I can. And, that sometimes means buying my not so favorite products.]]>
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