iRobot Roomba’s are Selling Your Home Information!

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I was listening to a radio interview earlier that was talking about the mapping ability of the new Roomba’s. Then they hosts started talking about how you need to be sure to check off the setting on the device so that it does not have permission to sell your home information!!! So I decided to do some of my own investigation and can NOT believe what I found!

The Roomba had the ability to “learn, adapt and map out your home” and has been able to do so since 2015! Well as far as cleaning services go, that’s great that it doesn’t get stuck on the rug or under the couch every 5 minutes right? Well… its more than that. Your Roomba connects to your wifi and has rumors to be working with 3rd party companies like Alexa or google homes as well us updates the data to a cloud based server of your home!! …That’s not all!

I could not find any specifics on this but have read several mentions of the microphone in the Roomba. If you have children, use it in your office or in a personal space, does this device listen? It is something that EVERY owner should be aware of!

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