Hidden Treats and Helpful Tips for a Winter Vacation at Disney World

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Hidden Treats and Helpful Tips for a Winter Vacation at Disney World

Disney World in Orlando is one of the most popular places to vacation. Florida’s warm weather is especially appealing in the winter, when much of the Northern Hemisphere is cold. A wealth of information can be found about this destination online, but here are several hidden gems and tips to check out when making plans to travel.

A quieter resort choice

If you crave a little peace and quiet at your hotel, consider the Coronado Springs Resort. While there are family activities available, this hotel has a large convention center so it’s also used for business functions and tends to attract a corporate crowd at times. Be aware, it’s a sprawling property. Youwill do a lot of walking and it takes time to get from one area to another. A special feature of Coronado Springs is the hammocks located in various spots. If a member of your group needs a break, these are a perfect place to relax and enjoy the view of the lake.

Street entertainers

There is plenty to see just walking the streets of the Disney theme parks. African drummers who encourage audience participation at Animal Kingdom, a pop flamenco guitarist at Downtown Disney and a band playing British classic rock and roll at Epcot are just a few. Take time out from the rides and shows, grab a drink and settle in to watch these top-notch entertainers perform. You might even feel the urge to join in and dance!

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A selection of tea and healthy foods

If you want a change of pace from coffee, look for theRoyal Anandapur Tea Company kiosk in Animal Kingdom . This unique booth serves a delicious variety of teas and coffee, hot and cold. On a chilly day, nothing beats a cup of fresh tea made with loose leaves. Other healthy selections can be found at this park, including fruit and cheese to-go packs, vegetarian food and allergy-friendly snacks. Be sure to check the brochure and plan to eat here if you want to incorporate a nourishing meal into your day.

Florida weather is different

Often in Florida, it’s cooler indoors than out. Take a walk outside to really get a feel of the weather, and remember, the temperature frequently changes as the day goes on. The parks have lockers and though there is a fee to use them, it’s worth the extra cost. Wear layers and shed as needed if you’ll be in the parks during the day and evening hours. Florida is also very humid which can make the air feel damp and colder for those coming from a dryer climate. Pack accordingly if you don’t want to spend all your vacation souvenir dollars buying appropriate clothes.

Take a break in the middle of the day

If you’re staying at a Disney resort, take advantage of having a room nearby. Nothing feels better than being able to rest your feet, change socks and take a brief nap in the middle of the day. This is particularly vital if you’ve started early and want to stay late for the fireworks. It might be tempting to cram as much park time as possible into each day, but everyone will enjoy the evening hours much more if they are rested and comfortable.

Plan your time regarding transportation

Buses run from the resorts to the attractions which means you don’t have to drive and park. This is a nice perk, but it also means you will have to wait. Disney world is a huge complex and traveling around the various locations takes time. Disney employees say there is a twenty minute wait time for buses but on crowded days and at the end of the night when the parks close, it could be longer. Consider taking a taxi once in awhile if you’re eager to get to your next destination or tuckered out and ready to get back to your hotel.

Disney World is a remarkable place to visit. Discovering hidden treasures can make your trip to Orlando the perfect winter vacation.

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