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That’s right! Good Circle not only allows you to make a percentage off of your own spending but you also make a percentage off of anyone who joins your circle!! How cool is it that?  You can make your own money, and money off your friends/mom/cousin/sister/daughter and brother in laws shopping too! Sign Up Here and get all the details below!


First: SIGN UP HERE to get your own account! Second you Click on “CashBack Circle” under your name on the top left of the page. Scroll ALL the way down to get your referral link. And Finally THIRD all you need to do is invite your friends and enjoy your shopping!! Ebates is totally a thing of the past now!

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Here are a Couple of our Favorite Features!

You can actually search any major store you would like for Cashback deals! We have found anything from Nike, Walmart, Target, Ancestory, North Face, Dell, American Eagle and so much more!! Just like it’s very similar competitor Ebates, Goodshop not only offers Cashback, they also offer exclusive coupons to your favorite retail stores! And lastly, you can set it up to automatically transfer to your PayPal account! This is so helpful so you don’t have to wait forever to get your Cashback checks in the snail mail!

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