Do You Know What Month It Is??? Let’s Celebrate!!!

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It’s the MOST wonderful time of the year! Can you guess why? Hint: It has nothing to do with the kids going back to school, although that certainly only contributes to this blissful event.

For those of you who may not know – September is National Coupon Month (Insert fireworks and celebratory parade sounds here!) If you are brand new to couponing – Welcome! There is no better time to climb aboard the savvy shopping train – First Stop? Savings Central! A recent survey was conducted by Valassis Marketing, the company that puts out RedPlum Inserts. They made some very interesting discoveries about how consumers are using coupons.

Here’s some FUN FACTS from the survey:

  • 52% said they use mostly paper coupons
  • 35% say they use paper and digital coupons equally
  • 72% say they have looked for coupons or offers on their mobile device while in a store
  • Over 50% say they have visited a store, restaurant or other business after receiving an offer on their mobile device when they were nearby

The Chief Marketing Officer, Curtis Tingle stated “Shoppers today are savvier than ever before!”  The trends in coupon redemption have changed so dramatically in recent years, but “Savings-oriented consumers today are driven by and utilize deals through all channels.” There isn’t necessarily a dramatic decrease in the use of paper coupons, but simply an increase in the use of other methods of savings. Basically whatever makes for the best deal, that is what consumers are going for! At that end of the day, sounds like everyone loves a great deal!

So congrats to all of you – the Savviest Shoppers in history! Why not celebrate? The brand new month ALSO brings lots of brand new coupons to print (As well as the reset of some of our favorite coupons from last month!!! Woot Woot!) Time to fire up that printer for some frugal fanfare! Be sure to check out our wildly popular recent article on how to print 6 (or more) of the same coupon and really push your savings to the absolute limit!

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